Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's been a busy yet lackadaisical summer

Update...sophomore year starts SOON!
This was a strange summer...I feel like I did nothing, yet when I think about it I guess I managed to do a decent amount.
I spent my first month of break and most of the second in a state of pure sloth-ery. Accurate depiction:

I started with painting from landscape photos to beef up my digital paint skills and get better at color.

I took a week-long Maya class and learned to model, texture and light

And some more random paintings here and there.
A quick color study of the Nevada desert on the 8 hour drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas

A quick color study of a desert sunset during my stay

And a quick self portrait in the car window on the drive back home

...and the only sketchbook thing worth showing. My pop at a sushi place

more summer work to come after some touchups

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