Monday, December 16, 2013

The Conjuring

My final drama assignment from DFA! I did this sketchbook doodle of a little voodoo priestess last year, and when this assignment came up I decided to bring her in

Rough sketches of her (that first doodle of her on the left)

First rough thumbnail:

A slightly more refined rough thumbnail:

The final:

Close ups:

WINTER BREAK TIME. Stay tuned, art done for pure fun coming soon :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

VALUEable stuff

Valuable. Our teachers are so punny

Here's my values assignment from the ol' drawin for animators class

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bastards n' Ballerinas

Some movie color studies I did this past summer and last summer, proudly done without color pickin

Black Swan:

Inglorious Basterds:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Story Story Story, and Summer Sketchin

Warm up animatics from my concept development class (with the original storytelling image for good measure) I'm not clever enough to think of titles for these so, please excuse the boring titles I just took from the assignment name.

The Door

A to B

The Witness

Also, a summer's worth of cafe sketchin:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Junior Jump Start: Silhouettes

Hello there! Junior year is in full swing and has been crazy busy, but quite enjoyable. Here's the first assignments from Drawing for Animator's (characters from silhouettes and scribbles and shapes)

And Computer Animation (silhouette assignment from three random adjectives.)

More from this year (and this past summer, my bad) coming soon! Real soon! Like tomorrow or within the next few days! Stay tuned!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sophomore: Part ii

Semester Two! The goods again:

Computer Animation
Animation quadfecta: given a rig and animate away. I couldn't find all 4 exercises of the the quadfecta unfortunately so 2 out of 4 will have to do.

Finger point:

Walk Cycle:

Next assignments focused on lighting, texturing and compositing.
We lit and textured a cemetery

And finally, a bunch of assets to arrange how we would to create a still life:

Concept Development

Assignment 1: An animatic based on a nursery rhyme/fairy tale. This one is Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Goat"

Assignment 2: Animatic with a montage. Tried telling a story not in the comedy genre.

Final: Anything we wanted. This assignment drove me nuts, too much creative freedom. But it worked out in the end, and I really have my teacher to thank for helping me throughout while maintaining the tone I wanted for this

And finally, a little animation I did for my cultural anthropology class. We had to choose an art form from a specific culture and do a presentation on it. I chose Thai shadow puppetry, and for the art part of the project, made a very very short shadow puppet show.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sophomore: Part I

The goods from fall semester!  Whole lot of learning that went on in those short months. Let's go by classes shall we:

Concept Development:

All about the art of storytelling. Our first assignment was to create an animatic for Aesop's fable "Maimou and the Dolphin." 
First we had to create a storytelling image (a single image that encompassed the action of story..kind of like a teaser to the story i guess)

A whole bunch of breakdowns and messy lessons later, out came the final animatic, my first animatic! (Certainly looks like a first animatic)

Our next assignment was a series of animatics to teach us "deep staging." Here's one about a raven:

And our final assignment, about one [noun] that wants another [noun]'s food. We first pitched 3 ideas via storytelling images, and chose in class which story to go with

I ended up going with the one about the dinosaur.
We did a layout of the space where it takes place:

And then the final animatic!

Computer Animation I

Assignment numero uno: ye olde ball bounce, featuring one real ball and one "alive" ball.

Assignment numero dos: Primitive Theater (a lot of people wonder how i thought of this...because it is a little strange. Basically, when thinking of primitive theater and "simple characters," I figured that such a character had a simple, disassemble-able body, like a toy. Hence, little Manny the construction worker misplaced his eyes.)

Final Assignment: Simple Poly. Design a bi-ped character and make him walk/jump turn. 
Here were my ideas:
Here's my fella:
And here he is in action!

Annnnnnd finally: a lip sync from Traditional Animation II. Didn't turn out quite like I wanted but, still pretty happy with it

Semester two coming soon!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wowww it's been a while hasn't it...

How about an update? Everyone down for an update? ...or a bunch of updates?

Despite the utter neglect of this blog, I promise I've been really busy! So here comes a flood of updates to catch you up. Brace yourselves.

I'm starting you off by finishing up the summer of 2012. Some water colors from life:

And then a whole summer's worth (and actually some of winter break too) of cafe drawings done while home in San Francisco. And it's true: for every one good drawing you crank out 1000 bad ones must be cranked out first. Here were the one's that were somewhat decent: