Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sophomore: Part I

The goods from fall semester!  Whole lot of learning that went on in those short months. Let's go by classes shall we:

Concept Development:

All about the art of storytelling. Our first assignment was to create an animatic for Aesop's fable "Maimou and the Dolphin." 
First we had to create a storytelling image (a single image that encompassed the action of story..kind of like a teaser to the story i guess)

A whole bunch of breakdowns and messy lessons later, out came the final animatic, my first animatic! (Certainly looks like a first animatic)

Our next assignment was a series of animatics to teach us "deep staging." Here's one about a raven:

And our final assignment, about one [noun] that wants another [noun]'s food. We first pitched 3 ideas via storytelling images, and chose in class which story to go with

I ended up going with the one about the dinosaur.
We did a layout of the space where it takes place:

And then the final animatic!

Computer Animation I

Assignment numero uno: ye olde ball bounce, featuring one real ball and one "alive" ball.

Assignment numero dos: Primitive Theater (a lot of people wonder how i thought of this...because it is a little strange. Basically, when thinking of primitive theater and "simple characters," I figured that such a character had a simple, disassemble-able body, like a toy. Hence, little Manny the construction worker misplaced his eyes.)

Final Assignment: Simple Poly. Design a bi-ped character and make him walk/jump turn. 
Here were my ideas:
Here's my fella:
And here he is in action!

Annnnnnd finally: a lip sync from Traditional Animation II. Didn't turn out quite like I wanted but, still pretty happy with it

Semester two coming soon!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wowww it's been a while hasn't it...

How about an update? Everyone down for an update? ...or a bunch of updates?

Despite the utter neglect of this blog, I promise I've been really busy! So here comes a flood of updates to catch you up. Brace yourselves.

I'm starting you off by finishing up the summer of 2012. Some water colors from life:

And then a whole summer's worth (and actually some of winter break too) of cafe drawings done while home in San Francisco. And it's true: for every one good drawing you crank out 1000 bad ones must be cranked out first. Here were the one's that were somewhat decent: